Experimenting with innovative business models

powered by blockchain technology

Learn & build

Collaborate to learn & build custom blockchain networks and experiment with new business models

Lisk Center Utrecht

Stimulating blockchain innovation in the Netherlands through building a community and sharing social capital

Lisk Ecosystem

Engaging in community activities and building Proof of Concepts for the Lisk community

Moosty, a multidisciplinary project team

Moosty is a multidisciplinary project team working on a diverse set of innovative solutions. Specifically focusing on blockchain/decentralization related initiatives. The team consists of three members: Sander (Corbifex), Raphael, Jurre. Most importantly we like working together and working with others. Create new things and new collaborations. Interested in working togeter? Reach out to us!

Moosty Team

Jurre Machielsen

Innovation, Concepts, Ecosystems

Raphael Cornelis

Design, Concepts, Business

Sander Mandemaker

Full Stack Dev

Lisk Center Utrecht

Lisk Center Utrecht is a professional blockchain hub, organized by the LCU Community to help general blockchain development all over the world. “A community working as a team to facilitate blockchain development in 2019 and beyond.” We’d like to inspire people with the initiative.