We Envision a New Music Ecosystem

powered by blockchain technology

Moosty Music

A decentralised platform built with the musician in the center, in control, and owned through shared ownership constructions.

Where are we now? Building proof of concepts. Create ideas and buildings blocks. In the future these building blocks will come together in the Moosty Music Platform.

Lisk Proof of Concept’s

How does the music ecosystem look like in 2025? And how can blockchain technology help the artists to get back in the center?

We stand for more transparency, more automation, and new features we cannot yet imagine. That’s what we are exploring by building proof of concepts with the Lisk SDK. 

Lisk Ticketing

Tickets on a blockchain to provide a new approach to ticket sales

Regulated Crowdfund

Create a regulated crowdfund to raise money as a musician

Lisk DAO

1st DAO building block: a basic one member one vote voting mechanism.


In 2017 the blockchain development kits were not sufficiently mature to provide the tools to build a platform. Nowadays the whole domain becomes more professional and there is more scientific material to build forth upon.

The exact definition of the needed infrastructure, tokens and ecosystem are still undetermined. We are researching through experimentation and collaborations.  

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