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Get inspired by innovative concepts and ecosystem thinking.


Learn to create collaborative networks with blockchain technology.

Proof of concepts

Build real world concepts together, to explore the possibilities.

Moosty, learning & sharing knowledge

Blockchain allows us to rethink & reorganise our society. This has massive implications over a longer time period. Just like with the beginning of the internet, it is hard to imagine how that future will look like.

We believe that learning by doing – building, experimenting & learning from those experiences – is the best way forward.

Collaborate with us to experiment with new value & business models (e.g. value chains, supply chains, organisation models, economic, legal, tax & much more)


Get Inspired

Lisk Center Utrecht

Lisk Center Utrecht is a professional blockchain hub, organized by the LCU Community to help general blockchain development all over the world. “A community working as a team to facilitate blockchain development in 2019 and beyond”. We like to inspire people with our initiative.